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Individual coaching sessions has seen players from all ages and backgrounds developing and mastering various disciplines in their respective positions. For us, as coaches, the most rewarding gift, is to see a player exeed their own expectations on the pitch and surprise themselves.


Advice to shape a rough diamond into a polished one, sets apart the good coaches from the-run-of the-mill. Our coaching philosophy is, to set only the highest standard to players to enable them to achieve and exeed their expectations in their various positions. It has been a rewarding year thus far for myself and Danie to have seen the players thrive during rugbygames, knowing that they gained the necessary skills and confidence to outwit and outplay their opponents. We have seen some of the best talent in schoolrugby joining us and are sure that if they pursue a rugbycarreer, that the sky is the limit, if they put their minds to the ultimate goal of representing their country. We have seen props demolishing their opponents, hookers taking tightheads at will, halfbacks, being able to pass and kick with both feet-no double stepping and coupled with brutal defence, having had notice taken of them whilst playing for their respective schools and young centres reminding us of how Danie used to sidestep and swerve his baffled opponents.


A big thank you to the parents for entrusting their youngsters to us.



Attacking halfback - one for the future - PAUL BRIGGS


Watch this space..... - REINHARDT FERREIRA

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Darren Hayward- Good luck at the Sharks


Jordan Blewett- Cravenweek 2012


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Welcome to our 2014 clinics

A heartfelt welcome to all the parents and future players at our clinic. We are entering an exciting cycle where we will be introducing games in every session we have, they will have rugby elements, but may not always look like rugby games.


There are many advantages of training through these games-


1 - FITNESS: The games work the players hard, and by playing games, you introduce fitness training into the various sessions.


2 - SKILLS: The games focus on applying CORE SKILLS, something that has been neglected for some time at schoollevel, like footwork, defence, attack, rucking, etc and are an inherent part of every training session.


3 -FUN: This is what every youngster craves, having fun, whilst learning. Why do boring drills, if you can play games that answers almost every problem you encounter on the field.


4 -PLAYERS FIRST: There is more emphasis on the players learning and less on the coach conducting the session and that encourages the players to take more resposibility on themselves.


5 -FULL ON ACTIVITY: With drills, players tend to have more time to hang around, but with the game scenario, it allows for greater involvement by all players, which in turn creates team building and competition and make them work harder to find solutions to the problems set.


6 -REPETITION: By using different games(350+), the players work on the same skill over and over again, the differece is the variety of scenarios.


7 -COMPLIMENTARY: Players practice attack and defence at the same time in a variety of situations.


As you can see, we are moving away from the old drills and moving to an exciting concept whereby your sons will enjoy every training session(concept on fun) and will probably beg for more training sessions, we had implemented this concept toward the end of the 2011 and had amazing feedback from the parents.


All you have to do, is let your sons join us, and the result will be a happy child going home after a training session.






We would like to welcome Jaco Kirsten and his team to Danie Gerber 13, thank you for your generous sponsor, we trust and know that with your excellent range of training equipment, our partnership will be of mutual benefit and that the lads/ladies will feel safer, knowing that your brand is used by the Springboks and Bulls.

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