Danie Gerber13 is pleased to present an opportunity for rugby players to have their technique (individually/teams) recorded on video and analyzed by Danie Gerber13’s coaches.


 In most cases technology has only been available exclusively to the elite rugby players, but is now readily available at an affordable cost to the individual and to teams. If you are serious about providing development opportunities to your son/s, teams you cannot afford to be left behind in the adaptation of technology.


Danie Gerber13 Clinics of Excellence offers private coaching which can tailor an assessment program to suit your requirements for video analysis and/or coaching,whether:


1-      one off, or recurring periodically;

2-      individual one-on-one

3-      small group i.e. loose forwards, props or team



Benefits of video analysis include


1-      generation of quality information for coaches

2-      powerful communication with the rugby players

3-      technique improvement



Contact us to book your private coaching sessions.

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